Right now, you feel inspired!

(But it won't last.)

Unfortunately, you're going to leave this conference and head back to your office in the next few days. Before you know it, all the big ideas and new thinking you brought back from this event will be a distant memory.


That's exactly why I created
Inspiration Over Lunch!

To keep you thinking strategically at least once a day for the next six days!

Here's How It Works

(It's pretty simple, really.)

Grab Your Lunch

Everyday, for the next six days, you'll receive an email from me. Grab your lunch and dig in!

Watch The Video

Each e-mail will include a brief introduction to the idea and provide you with a link to a 7-minute video.

Stay Inspired!

Each video will challenge you to rethink the way you’re doing business. (While keeping you inspired!)


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